Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lost the "Database Tab" in Visio 2010?

I've been using Visio since before Microsoft bought them, and I love Visio 2010, but the Microsoft Office help is worthless! Every dialog has a "context-sensitive" help button with a little question mark on it, but - psyche! - it always opens to the main Visio help page.

Why not just search? Great idea! Try searching the Visio 2010 help for, oh, I don't know, something fundamental to Visio, like glue. Here's what you get:

Can you guess which of the six results actually explains what "gluing" is? If you said "Number 4", you cheated and looked.

Anyway, if suddenly the "Database" tab disappears (assuming you figured out that you must use the "Database Model Diagram" template to get the tab to show up in the first place), be sure that this checkbox in Visio Options is checked:

Hopefully this will help someone else out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Exactly what I needed! Unfortunately, I had to disable Automation events on my 64-bit machine to prevent Visio from freezing as it's creating the new diagram. Hangs up on the spawned "sqlwow64.exe, Thunking spooler APIs from 32 to 64 Process"; then have to kill visio.exe via task mgr or procexp. (Maybe it serves me right, running 32bit Visio on 64bit win2003. Btw, similar occurred w/ Excel 2007 until disabled similar setting there, too.) Will try 64-bit Visio instead. Failing that, back to Visio 2003, which actually worked.

(P.S., this can get me nostalgic for dbase III+, erwin, & wordstar.)

Anonymous said...

So many Thanks! marvelous!

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